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Kitchen tips: 72 tips for cooking, collection slowly learn!

Kitchen tips: 72 tips for cooking, collection slowly learn!

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2018/09/14 16:11
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01. Mutton deodorization: put the radish cubes into the pot with the mutton, and take out the radish cubes after half an hour. A few orange peels are better. Put 5 grams of mung beans per kg of mutton, boil for 10 minutes, and pour out the water and mung beans. Put half a packet of hawthorn slices; Wash and punch two or three walnuts in the shell. 1kg mutton with 10g curry powder; One kilogram of mutton plus 200 grams of cut sugarcane; Boil 1 kg water, add 1 kg mutton, 50 g vinegar, bring out after boiling, add water and seasoning again.
Boil beef: to make the beef stew fast and rotten, add a pinch of tea leaves (about the amount of a pot of tea, wrapped in gauze) and cook it, and the meat will soon rot and taste delicious.
03. Add a spoonful of vinegar to the bone soup to dissolve the phosphorus and calcium in the bone and preserve the vitamins in the soup.
When cooking beef and other tough, hard meats and game poultry, add a little vinegar to soften the meat.
05, when boiling broth or spareribs soup, put in a few pieces of fresh orange peel, not only taste delicious, but also can reduce oily feeling.
Boil bacon: remove stink by boiling a dozen walnuts with lots of holes through them
Saute the mung beans in an iron pot for 10 minutes before cooking
08, boil eggs when a little vinegar in the water can prevent the shell split, prior to a little salt can also
09. Add a few drops of vinegar to boil seaweed; It's ok to put some poached vegetables in
10. Before cooking the ham, smear some sugar on the skin of the ham to make it easy to boil and taste more delicious
11. When boiled dumplings, place a spring onion in the water or add some salt after boiling. Then put dumplings. For dough, add one egg per 500 grams of flour. The skin of each dumpling is scratchy and not sticky
When boiled dumplings, add a little salt to the pot, and the water does not overflow when the pot is open
13. Add a small tablespoon of cooking oil to the noodles so that the noodles do not become contaminated and prevent the broth from foaming and spilling over the pot
When you boil noodles, add a little salt to the pot
15. When cooking porridge or beans, do not put alkali, or it will destroy the nutrients in rice and beans
16. It is easy to cook new shoots in open water, and they are crunchy and delicious. To make bamboo shoots do not shrink after cooking, add a few mint leaves or salt
When the pork belly is cooked, cut it into pieces. Put some fresh soup in the bowl and steam it for a while. The pork belly will be doubled in thickness
When you cook a pig's stomach, don't put salt in it first. When you cook it, put salt in it when you eat it
When stewing meat, add a few pieces of orange peel to the pan to remove odors and grease and add umami to the soup
20, stewed chicken: wash cutting, the stirring inside hot pan, Fried for water works, pour suitable amount of balsamic vinegar, then quickly stir-fry, thrum pit-a-pat blasting to chicken nuggets, instantly heat water (did not chicken, reoccupy burnt ten minutes, can be put into the seasoning, move the small fire stew for 20 minutes, drizzle sesame oil in the pan; After the soup is stewed, add salt when the temperature drops to 80 to 90 degrees Celsius or before serving. Because the chicken contains high moisture, the stewed chicken adds salt first, the chicken is soaked in salt water, the water in the tissue cells penetrates outwards, the protein produces solidification effect, causes the chicken to shrink obviously and become tight, affects the nutrition to dissolve in the soup, and the cooked chicken tends to be hard, old and has rough taste.
Braising old chicken: add 20 or 30 soya beans to the pot and stew. It cooks quickly and tastes fresh. Or before killing the old chickens, first pour a tablespoon of vinegar on the chickens, and then kill, simmer with a simmer, will be cooked to death; Or put 3 ~ 4 hawthorn, chicken easy to rot
22, old chickens and ducks with fierce cooking, hard meat is not delicious; If you soak it in cold water and a little vinegar for 2 hours, and then simmer it, the meat will be tender and delicious
Boil an old duck: a few snails in the pan will ripen easily
24. When you burn the duck, remove the beans on both sides of the tail
25. When cooking tofu, add a little beancurd or juice, and the taste is aromatic
26. When braised beef, add a little red snow and the meat tastes delicious
27. Before making red meat, marinate the meat with a little borax
28. When frying food, put a little salt in the pan so the oil won't spatter
29. Add some flour to the mix of spring rolls to avoid the phenomenon that the filling juice flows out from the bottom of the pot during frying
Before frying potatoes, boil the sliced potatoes in water for a while to form a thin layer of gelatin on the surface of the skin before frying them
When frying pork chops, make 2 or 3 incisions in places with tendons, and the Fried pork chops will not shrink
Marinate the chicken for a while, seal the film and put it in the refrigerator, then remove when frying. The chicken is crispy
When frying an egg, pour a little cold water over the yolk as it is about to solidify. This will make the egg yellow and tender
34. When frying eggs, put enough oil in the pan. When the oil is slightly hot, the eggs will be cooked slowly
When frying an egg, sprinkle some flour in the hot oil. The egg will turn yellow and beautiful, and the oil will not spill out of the pan
36, Fried eggs with oil, smell no odour
37. Adding a small amount of sugar to scrambled eggs will increase the solidification temperature of denaturing proteins, thus delaying the heating time
Add a few drops of vinegar to your scrambled eggs
When you saute the eggplant, add some vinegar to the pan. The eggplant won't turn black
Add vinegar to stir-fried potatoes to avoid burning and to break down toxins in potatoes and to make them suitable for color and taste
When frying beansprouts, add butter and then salt to remove the beaniness
42. Do not cover the stir-fried vegetables
43. Stir-fried meat slices: cut the meat into thin slices, add soy sauce, butter and starch, stir in an egg, mix well, and stir-fry. When the meat is discolored, add seasoning and stir a few times. The meat is delicious and tender
Stir-fried beef shreds: cut well, mix with salt, sugar, wine, raw powder (or egg), marinate with raw oil, and stir-fry for 30 minutes
Add salt when frying meat and vegetables. Add salt when it is ripe. Add a few drops of vinegar before going out
46. After meat is cut, soak it in baking soda solution before frying. It is very loose and tasty
47, Fried sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour vegetables, should first put sugar, and then salt, otherwise the "dehydration" effect of salt will promote protein solidification in dishes and "eat" not into sugar, resulting in a sweet outside the weak
When making meatloaf and meatball, put 2 spoonfuls of salt in one kilogram of mince
49. Make meatballs in proportion of 50g meat and 10g starch
50. When making the smooth Fried meat slices or diced spicy meat, the meat should be pulp in the proportion of 50g meat and 5g starch. The dishes are tender and delicious
When making steamed bread, if a small piece of lard is rolled into the dough, the steamed bread will be not only white and fluffy, but also delicious
When steamed steamed bread, add a little orange peel silk, can make steamed bread increase fragrance
For example, add 2 ~ 3 TBSPS vinegar to the water in the original steamer, and steam for 10 ~ 15 minutes to turn white
Put a small amount of alum and salt into clean water. Soak the sliced raw sweet potatoes in water for ten minutes
The milk has been boiled and salted. It tastes better when it cools
When a dish with chili peppers is too hot or when you saute them with vinegar, they lose much of their spiciness
57. When cooking, if you put soy sauce on the wrong side of vinegar, you can scatter a little baking soda, and the vinegar flavor can be eliminated
When the dishes are too sour, mash one egg into them
The food is too spicy. Fry an egg with it
The dishes are too hot. Put some vinegar on to reduce the heat
The food is too bitter. Drizzle a little white vinegar
62. If the soup is too salty to be mixed with water, a few pieces of tofu or potatoes or a few slices of tomato can be put into the soup. You can also wrap a handful of rice or flour in a cloth and put it in the soup
The soup is too greasy. Roast a small amount of laver over the fire and sprinkle it into the soup
Deep-fry the peanuts and put them on the plate. Sprinkle with a little white wine while it is hot. Sprinkle with a little salt after it is cool
Rapeseed oil has a peculiar smell. When the oil is heated, pour some ginger, garlic, scallion, clove and orange peel into the oil and fry for a while. Then the oil will become fragrant
66, with the vegetables Fried once the peanuts do not taste strange, Fried dishes delicious, and can do cold dishes
After frying the food, the oil leaves some residues and becomes turbid. Cut the white radish into thick round pieces. Poke several holes in the radish with chopsticks and deep-fry them in the remaining oil
While frying vegetables, you should first heat up the pot, pour in the cooking oil, and then put the vegetables
69. When the temperature in the pot reaches the highest, the cooking wine is added, which can easily make the wine evaporate and remove the foul smell from the food
Boil lard: put some water or vegetable oil into the electric rice faint, and then put in pig slurry or fat meat. When the power is switched on, the oil will be refined automatically. No splash, no paste, and the oil will be pure
Put a dozen peppercorns or a little maltose in the pickle jar to prevent white flowers
To make the beef stew quick and rotten, add a pinch of tea leaves (about the amount of a pot of tea, wrapped in gauze) and cook it, and the meat will soon be rotten and delicious!