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Kitchen tips: 72 tips for cooking, collection slowly learn!

Kitchen tips: 72 tips for cooking, collection slowly learn!

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2018/09/14 16:11
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01. Mutton deodorization: put the radish cubes into the pot with the mutton, and take out the radish cubes after half an hour. A few orange peels are better. Put 5 grams of mung beans per kg of mutton, boil for 10 minutes, and pour out the water and mung beans. Put half a packet of hawthorn slices; Wash and punch two or three walnuts in the shell. 1kg mutton with 10g curry powder; One kilogram of mutton plus 200 grams of cut sugarcane; Boil 1 kg water, add 1 kg mutton, 50 g vinegar, bring out after boiling, add water and seasoning again.
Boil beef: to make the beef stew fast and rotten, add a pinch of tea leaves (about the amount of a pot of tea, wrapped in gauze) and cook it, and the meat will soon rot and taste delicious.
03. Add a spoonful of vinegar to the bone soup to dissolve the phosphorus and calcium in the bone and preserve the vitamins in the soup.
When cooking beef and other tough, hard meats and game poultry, add a little vinegar to soften the meat.
05, when boiling broth or spareribs soup, put in a few pieces of fresh orange peel, not only taste delicious, but also can reduce oily feeling.
Boil bacon: remove stink by boiling a dozen walnuts with lots of holes through them
Saute the mung beans in an iron pot for 10 minutes before cooking
08, boil eggs when a little vinegar in the water can prevent the shell split, prior to a little salt can also
09. Add a few drops of vinegar to boil seaweed; It's ok to put some poached vegetables in
10. Before cooking the ham, smear some sugar on the skin of the ham to make it easy to boil and taste more delicious
11. When boiled dumplings, place a spring onion in the water or add some salt after boiling. Then put dumplings. For dough, add one egg per 500 grams of flour. The skin of each dumpling is scratchy and not sticky
When boiled dumplings, add a little salt to the pot, and the water does not overflow when the pot is open
13. Add a small tablespoon of