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How do kitchen cooking techniques make dishes delicious

How do kitchen cooking techniques make dishes delicious

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2018/09/14 16:07
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Are you still worried that the stir-fry is not delicious enough? Take a look at some of the kitchen tips, don't underestimate them, keep them in mind and you'll soon be a chef serving delicious, nutritious meals to your family.
What do you know about making food more delicious? If you do not understand, you can learn together
1. When stir-frying beef slices, first place the seasoning in the cut meat slices, then add appropriate peanut oil (or with soy oil, cotton oil, etc.) and mix well, marinate for half an hour, and the Fried meat slices are golden yellow jade embellish and tender. Or marinated in beer, it's delicious and refreshing.
Put the sliced pork in a slotted spoon before the pork slices. Shake them in the boiling water for a few times. When the meat changes color, the water will start.
If you use salt and water well when frying vegetables, it will help to keep them fresh and tasty. For example, when stir-frying cucumber, lettuce and other vegetables, after washing and cutting, sprinkle with a little salt and mix well, marinate for a few minutes, control the water and then stir-fry, can keep fresh and fresh. Many vegetables can be blanched and then put into a wok for quick stir-fry for 1 to 2 minutes.
Some vegetables, such as rapeseed, have a bitter taste. You can get rid of the bitter taste by blanching them with boiling water before you cook them. Bamboo shoot has astringency, eat when its connect skin to be put in clean rice water, join a red pepper that go seed, cook with gentle fire after flameout, let it naturally cool, take out come again to rinse with water, astringency did not have!
When frying some dishes, use other ingredients to enhance the flavor. For example, adding vinegar to stir-fried potatoes can avoid searing and break down toxins in potatoes, making them suitable for color and taste.
Dip the sliced onion in the dry flour. When cooked, the onion is golden, crisp and delicious.
7. When frying soya bean sprouts, add a small amount of cooking wine and salt to remove the gamey smell of the bean sprouts.
8. When frying Chinese cabbage and celery, put some Chinese prickly ash into the oil pan first, and then remove it until it turns black.